Monster Drawing Rally 2008

A live drawing event & fundraiser

Monster Drawing Rally 2008

Southern Exposure announces the 8th Annual Monster Drawing Rally at the Verdi Club, a live drawing and fundraising event featuring over 130 artists.

Providing the basic necessities of the drawing practice – pencils, charcoal, pens, markers, ink, and paper – Southern Exposure creates the context while the artists create the content of the drawings. The evening will consist of four one-hour shifts with approximately 25 artists drawing simultaneously each hour. As the drawings are completed they will be hung on the walls and available for purchase for $60 each. The Monster Drawing Rally promises to be an action-packed spectacle you won't want to miss!

The Monster Drawing Rally provides a unique opportunity to watch a drawing come to life, and to purchase a work of art minutes after it’s completion. Proceeds from the event provide direct support for Southern Exposure’s Exhibitions and Artists in Education Programs.

Generous in-kind donations for the 8th Annual Monster Drawing Rally are provided by Anderson Valley Brewery, Firestone/Nectar Ales, Trumer Pils, Blick Art Material, Utrecht Art Supply and Pearl Art Supply. Incredible music provided by, Frau Holly!

Participating Artists

Brad K. Alder, Ulrika Andersson, Kathy Aoki, Brooke Appler, Michael Arcega, Seth Armstrong, Kelly Ball, Jessie Balmer, Steven Barich, David Benzler, Bert Bergan, Robert Bilensky, Michelle Blade, Eric Bodine, Chase Bowman, Alex Braubach, Sara Bright, Joe Byrnes, Michael Campbell, Monica Canillo, Neftali Carriera, John Casey, Ajit Chauhan, Susan Chen, Randy Colosky, Jaime Cortez, lana Crispi, Jessica Cusik, Gibson Cuyler, Veronica De Jesus, Sonya Derman, Joan Di Stefano, Anthony Discenza, Inga Dorosz, Catherine Haley Epstein, Marcela Florez, Larnie Fox, Matt Furie, eddie gesso, Lori Gordon, Terrance Graven, Michael Hall, Martha Sue Harris, Jonn Herschend, Amy Hibbs, Katrine Hildebrandt, Amanda Hughen, Suzanne Husky, John Isaacson, Erik Jacobsen, Hellen Jo, Sarah Klein, Justin Klein, Adrian Kotter, Evri Kwong, Max Lariviere-Hedrick, Chris Leib, Poopy Lickles, Kenneth Lo, Frederick Loomis, Sam Lopes, Martin Machado, Liz Maher, Kari Marboe, Vanessa Marsh, Jet Martinez, Christian Maychack, Mike McConnell, Kim Miskowicz, Kyle Mock, Cynthia Ona-Innis, Kelly Ording, Jennie Ottinger, Deth P Sun, Kottie Paloma, Piero Passacantando, Matthew Pawlowski, Alison Pebworth, Hilary Pecis, Ferris Plock, Mel Prest, Lisa Ricci, Ricardo Richie, Lordy Rodriguez, Thorina Rose, Anthony Ryan, Andrew Schoultz, Tucker Schwarz, Emily Sevier, Sham, Angela Simione, Sarah Smith, Jennie Smith, Lisa Solomon, Alphonzo Solorzano, Gerone Spruill, Jennifer Starkweather, Kirk Stoller, Tim Svenonius, Stephanie Syjuco, Rebecca Szeto, Hadi Tabatabai, Owen Takabayashi, Charlene Tan, Weston Teruya, Tracy Timmons, Jessica Tully, Kelly Tunstall, Aiyana Udesen, Jina Valentine, Adrian Van Allen, Jamie Venci, Katie Vida, Andy Vogt, Victoria Wagner, Jerad Walker, Tyson Washburn, Marci Washington, Colie Wertz, Megan Wilson, Jenifer Wofford and Anthony Wu.