Monster Drawing Rally 2012

A live drawing event & fundraiser

Monster Drawing Rally 2012

Demystifying a process that usually takes place in the privacy of the studio, the Monster Drawing Rally allows spectators to observe artists in the act of creation in the public domain. In keeping with Southern Exposure's mission to provide an environment accessible to art and artists, the Monster Drawing Rally sets the stage for extraordinary interaction, providing a unique opportunity to watch a drawing come to life, and to purchase a work of art minutes after its completion.

The evening will consist of four one-hour shifts that each feature approximately 30 artists drawing simultaneously. As the drawings are completed, they will be hung on the walls and made available for purchase for $60 each. Proceeds from the event provide direct support for Southern Exposure's programs.

The response to the Monster Drawing Rally continues to grow. To date, over 1000 artists have all come together to donate talent, time and artwork in support of Southern Exposure's mission. The Monster Drawing Rally has also become a national model. SoEx has partnered with nonprofit arts organizations in Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Richmond, Brooklyn and Cleveland to help them establish the Monster Drawing Rally with our support. Southern Exposure is proud to share our successful fundraising models and community-building strategies with similar artist-centered organizations. Southern Exposure is committed to serving as a resource for the national visual arts community through this and its other programs.

Participating Artists

Zina Al-Shukri, Luca Antonucci, Juan Luna Avin, Steven Barich, Nova Barton, Pete Belkin Belkin, David Benzler, Michelle Blade, Brad Borevitz, Monica Canilao, Brian Caraway, Jon Carling, Nancy Chan, Iris Charabi-Berggren, Ajit Chauhan, Susan Chen, Julie Cloutier, Serena Cole, Randy Colosky, Gina Contreras, Jaime Cortez, Madelyn Covey, Torreya Cummings, Amanda Curreri, Lauren Davies, Inga Dorosz, Katelyn Eichwald, Jeff Eisenberg, Ezra Eismont, William Emmert, Christina Empedocles, John Fadeff, Diana Fayt, Dustin Fosnot, Alison Frost, Mariana Garibay, Blake Gibson, Amos Goldbaum, Veronica Graham, Katie Gray, Adam Green, Larissa Greer, Brent Hallard, Lauren Hartman, Chad Hasegawa, Dana Hemenway, Joe Hengst, Sarah Hotchkiss, Terry Hoff, Justin Carl Hurty, David James, Lucien Jamey, Courtney Johnson, Kelly Lynn Jones, Mike Kimball, Mary Anne Kluth, Ryan LaBonte, Noah Lang, Raphael Laude, Justin Limoges, Carey Lin, Sarah Loomis, Sam Lopes, Marina Luz, Brett MacFadden, Alexis Mackenzie, Vanessa Marsh, Yuki Maruyama, Corinne Matesich, Mike McConnell, Dennis McNulty, Robert Minervini, Paul Mullins, Michael Namkung, Haden Nicholl, Mitsu Okubo, Erik Parra, Nathaniel Parsons, Patricia Pauchnick, Matt Pawlowski, Hilary Pecis, Steuart Pittman, Ferris Plock, Mel Prest, Genevieve Quick, Claire Rabkin, Amy Rathbone, Bunnie Reiss, Thorina Rose, Zachary Rossman, Kimberly Rowe, Jesse Schlesinger, Zachary Royer Scholz, Erik Scollon, Brian Singer , Jennie Smith, Jessica Snow, Paul Solis, Miriam Klein Stahl, Kirk Stoller, James Strickland, Amber Stucke, Julie Sutherland, Tim Svenonius, Charlene Tan, Emily Tareila, Kevin Taylor, Micke Tong, Kelly Tunstall, Gina Tuzzi, Jamie Vasta, Ben Venom, Annie Vought, Victoria Wagner, Andrew Witrak, Jenifer Wofford, Lena Wolff, Nichole Wong, Ethan Worden, Melissa Wyman, and Alex Ziv.

Fun and Festivities

The Monster Drawing Rally is not only a chance to support your favorite nonprofit arts organization, and it's not just an opportunity to buy amazing affordable art, it's also the party of the year! A Live DJ will be spinning music to draw and dance to all night long. Our amazing volunteers will be serving beer on tap, generously provided by our event sponsors at New Belgium Brewing Company, and curbside food will be available for purchase by local food trucks Kasa Indian Truck and Vesta Flatbread.