About SoEx Projects + Exhibitions

Projects, Events and Exhibitions

Southern Exposure offers visual artists the opportunity to work in formats and contexts that extend and challenge their artistic process and offer exposure to new audiences. With a focus on commissioning new work, Southern Exposure supports artists in the development of ambitious new projects, events, performances, and exhibitions. We present conversations, workshops, and gatherings, contextualizing artwork and expanding the conversation by addressing contemporary socio-political and cultural issues. An artist-run Curatorial Council made up of a rotating group of artists and Southern Exposure’s Artistic Director selects artists and projects to present in our gallery and off-site.

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SoEx Off-Site / Public Art

Southern Exposure's Off-Site program commissions temporary, experimental new work that intervenes and interacts in the social and political spheres beyond the space of the gallery. Southern Exposure seeks projects that ignite dynamic conversations between site and audience. We support temporary interventions into public life and promote the use of public space as a place for creative expression.

Southern Exposure’s Curatorial Council

Southern Exposure’s Curatorial Council is responsible for developing all of our Projects and Exhibitions. This team, led by SoEx’s Artistic Director, consists of artists with a diverse array of practices and backgrounds. Curators are paid a stipend and participate in a 2-3 year term. New curators are invited annually, based on nominations by Bay Area curators, artists, writers, and cultural workers.

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