Become a Member


Become a Member

Claim your ownership stake in Southern Exposure

All of our projects, exhibitions, and education programs have as their foundations your investment in our work and our place. Through your generous and crucial support, you claim psychic territory and an ownership stake in Southern Exposure.

We are developing a new approach to membership, one that prioritizes your areas of interest over your level of giving. Donate to SoEx and become an...

  • ACTIVIST – Join SoEx in reflecting, refracting, and amplifying the voices and visions that create urgency and awareness
  • EDUCATOR – Engage with SoEx as a site to gain insight, experiences, and even training
  • ART BUFF – Experience the experimental, conceptual, social, and participatory approaches to art-making that SoEx supports
  • RESEARCHER – Engage with SoEx's history and archive, as well as the investigate approaches artists take to their subjects
  • INFLUENCER – Connect with SoEx to make a tangible impact and have access to influential creative thinkers
  • EMISSARY – Adopt SoEx as a gathering space to celebrate, reinforce, and generate community

This new approach to membership has developed out of our work on a five-year strategic plan, launching in 2017, whose major goals are guided by ABUNDANCE in service of EQUITY, COLLABORATION, and AGENCY. We look forward to sharing the full strategic plan with you in the coming months.