i.e., Owen Stewart-Robertson and John McCowen, Zachary Watkins: Live Musical Performance

Recapturing Memories of the Black Ark

i.e., Owen Stewart-Robertson and John McCowen, Zachary Watkins: Live Musical Performance

A diverse selection of Bay Area musicians activate Recapturing Memories of the Black Ark

Saturday, April 8, 2017, 7:00 PM
$10-$20 sliding scale at door

i.e. is a collaborative project by artists and musicians Ben Vilmain, Christie Yuri Noh, and Warren Huegel. Using the body as an instrument, i.e. makes music by focusing on the spaces in between the sounds. For this performance, Vilmain and Noh will sample and remix body movements, looping and filtering through various devices, accompanied by Heugel on live percussion.

Owen Stewart-Robertson is, among other things, a native of Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada, a guitarist, composer, educator, performer, a mild claustrophobic, and an enthusiast of enthusiasm. His most recent recordings include a set of song-sound suites released on Oakland's Weird Ear Records. For this performance, he and clarinetist/composer/improviser John McCowen will attempt to explore a series of short, often trite, sonic compositions that necessitate improvisation, and beg transfiguration.

Zachary James Watkins is a sound artist who has earned degrees in composition from The Cornish School and Mills College. He has received numerous grants and commissions and presented works in festivals across the United States, Mexico and Europe.  He releases music on the labels Important Records, Cassauna, Touch, The Tapeworm, Confront, Land & Sea and Sige. Watkins has enjoyed artist residencies at the Espy Foundation, Djerassi and the Headlands Center for the Arts. His 2006 composition Suite for String Quartet was awarded the Paul Merritt Henry Prize for Composition and has been performed as part of the 2nd Annual New Music Marathon in Seattle, WA the Labs 25th Anniversary Celebration and the Labor Sonor Series at Kule in Berlin.

See the full schedule of Black Ark performers below. Performances on Opening Night and scheduled Thursdays and Saturdays through April.

In addition to an artist stipend in accordance with WAGE standards, the performers will receive 50% of the proceeds from admissions.