Practice Makes Perfect: Bay Area Conceptual Craft

Featured artists include Ann Chamberlain, Amy Franceschini/Michael Swaine, David Ireland, Bernie Lubell, Christian Maychack, Jim Melchert, Scott Oliver, Stephanie Syjuco, Mark Thompson, Tony Tredway, and Anna Von Mertens.

Publication date: 

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Publication writer(s): 

Courtney Fink
Lydia Matthews
Kristen Evangelista
Kelsey Nicholson
Emily Sevier
Abner and Clare Nolan
Maysoun Wazwaz

Publication artist(s): 

Ann Chamberlain
Amy Franceschini
Michael Swaine
David Ireland
Bernie Lubell
Christian Maychack
Jim Melchert
Scott Oliver
Stephanie Syjuco
Mark Thompson
Tony Tredway
Anna Von Mertens

Publication designer(s): 

Zaldy Serrano

Publication publisher(s): 

Southern Exposure

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