Only a Signal Shown: Week 2 (February 8 - 14, 2013)

David Politzer

Only a Signal Shown: Week 2 (February 8 - 14, 2013)

Join us for the Opening Reception of Week #2 on Friday, February 8, 2013, from 7-9 pm. Week #2 of Only a Signal Shown, curated by Michael Hall, includes works by artists performing ridiculous acts of endurance, with work by Kate Gilmore, Double Zero, Lily McElroy, David Politzer, and Doug Garth Williams. 

What makes a situation or a gesture ridiculous? What makes it transcendent? The artists who made this week's videos create scenarios that seem at first ridiculous or idiotic, but are made significant through the artists' sheer will and determination. By enduring a simple, somewhat comical, but compelling idea to its conclusion, these works create a sublimely ridiculous experience that stays with the viewer well after the lights come on. 

1. Double Zero
Cha Cha Changes, 2013
22:44 min
Double Zero is the collective duo of Bay Area artists Hannah Ireland and Annie Vought. Their twenty-year friendship is the basis for collaborative investigations of personal boundaries and different modes of taking up space in the world. In this piece, each artist was alternately given one minute and materials to make changes to the appearance of the other.

2. Kate Gilmore 
Anything..., 2006
12:24 min
Kate Gilmore constructs physical barriers and awkward obstacles that she kicks and knocks her way through, always in a dress and high heels. In this work, the artist constructs a precarious tower to reach ever upwards.

3. Walk This Way, 2008
4:33 min 
An unfinished wall, a shoe, and a barrier broken through.

4. David Politzer
Storytelling: My New Studio, 2007
5:11 min
Part of Politzer’s “Storytelling” series, the artist introduces the viewer to his new studio and the problems faced there.

5. Storytelling: The Fan Letter, 2008 
6:49 min
The artist receives a fan letter that isn’t quite what he originally thought it would be.

6. Vision Quest, 2008 
7:26 min
A video sculpture for the desert.

7. Lilly McElroy
Pushing Cowboys, 2005 
4:41 min
In her hometown in Southern Arizona, the artist meets cowboys on a honky tonk dancefloor and challenges them to a match of hands-free “push”.

8. Hugs, 2005
1:28 min
At a bus stop on a busy Chicago street, the artist offers spontaneous hugs to perfect strangers with mixed results.

9. Doug Garth Williams
Moon Pong, 2010
3:04 min
A solo game of celestial tennis.

10. Wait For It, 2011 2:37 min
Be patient.
Total running time: 5:41

Week #2 Opening Reception: Friday, February 8, 2013, 7–9 pm
Week #2 Dates: February 8 - 14, 2013
Exhibition Dates: February 1 - March 9, 2013
Gallery Hours: Tuesday–Saturday, 12–6 pm