2014 Art Auction and Fundraiser


Thanks to each and every one of you for helping to make this auction one of our most successful fundraisers to date. Thanks to all our auction hosts, ticket buyers, bidders, business sponsors, over 80 volunteers and of course the 108 brilliant artists who donated their work.

With this event's success, we will continue to support visual artists, present ambitious, groundbreaking programs and serve as an essential space for visual arts activity in the Bay Area. We hope you had as much fun as we did!

Pictures from the SMOKE & MIRORS photo booth and event photos are now online – find yourself in a trench coat or in the crowd! 

Auction Artists

Sarah Applebaum, Mike Arcega, JD Beltran, Leo Bersamina, Libby Black, Lisa K. Blatt, Rebeca Bolinger, Enrique Chagoya, Ishan Clemenco, Sydney Cohen, Adriane Colburn, Randy Colosky, Mary Conrad, Torreya Cummings, Lauren DiCioccio, Chris Duncan, Jeanne Finley, Futurefarmers, Dustin Fosnot, Renée Gertler, Jim Goldberg, Rebecca Goldfarb, Matt Gonzales, Julia Goodman, Veronica Graham, Leonie Guyer, Maggie Haas, Michael Hall, Taraneh Hemami, Dana Hemenway, Cliff Hengst, Jonn Herschend, Lynn Hershman Leeson, Todd Hido, Terry Hoff, Rhonda Holberton, Carrie Hott, Amanda Hughen, Invisible Venue, Greg Ito, Colter Jacobson, Jason Jägel, Packard Jennings, Chris Johanson, Bessma Khalaf, Sahar Khoury, Mary Anne Kluth, Pawel Kruk, Christina La Sala, Tony Labat, Noah Lang, Sarah Loomis, Chip Lord, Cybele Lyle, Nathan Lynch, Whitney Lynn, Mads Lynnerup, Marina Luz, Brett MacFadden, Michelle Mansour, Tom Marioni, Alicia McCarthy, Barry McGee, Anne McGuire, Jim Melchert, Robert Minervini, Ranu Mukherjee, Jeff Morris, Abner Nolan, Shaun O'Dell, Sandra Ono, Jennie Ottinger , Erik Parra, Nathaniel Parsons, Alison Pebworth, George Pfau, Maria Porges, Genevieve Quick, Meghann Riepenhoff, Rigo 23, Lordy Rodriguez, Will Rogan, Thorina Rose, Leah Rosenberg, Paolo Salvagione, Jesse Schlesinger, Erik Scollon, Alice Shaw, Jennie Smith, Sarah Smith, Chris Sollars, Jennifer Starkweather, William Swanson, Charlene Tan, Weston Teruya, Sarah Thibault, Chris Thorson, Amy Trachtenberg, Ben Venom, Andy Vogt, Catherine Wagner, Anne Walsh, Hillary Wiedemann, Jenifer Wofford, Margo Wolowiec, Imin Yeh

Auction Hosts

MAJORETTE: Catherine Armsden, AttaBoyStudios , Gallery Paule Anglim, Kristin Hull, Rick Johnson, Madrone Art Bar, Oculus Architects Inc., Sara Williams
CAVE OF MYSTERY: David Cunningham Projects, Sara Williams
HALL OF MIRRORS: AttaBoyStudios, Marjory Graue and Marty Bloes, Vaughn Shields and Greg Elich, Beth Gray, Nilus De Matran and Jennifer Morla, Gay Outlaw and Bob Schmitz, Deborah and Andy Rappaport, Tracy Wheeler and Paul Rauschelbach, Adam Savage and Julia Ward
VEIL OF FOG: Alter Space, Catherine Armsden, Rimma and Mark Boshernitsan, Michele and Hank Brasch, Eric Pease and Julie Campagnoli, Eric McDougall and Claudia Ceniceros, Amy and Peter Charles, Allan and Joyce Cohen, Vicky Chaban and Roland Courtenay-Bishop, Drusie Davis , Martha Davis, Ed Gilbert and Valerie Gnadt, Micaela Heekin and Chris Hart, Leif Hedendal, Robert McMillan and Marcus Keller, Naomie and Charles Kremer, Jordan Kurland, Daniel and Svetlana Lucas, Madrone Art Bar, Mari Iki and Martin Maguss, John Mathies, Kyla Miller, Richard and Lenore Niles, Peter Larsen and Joy Opfer, Steven Miller and Scott Owens, Abner and Clare Nolan, Mario Lemos and Bryan Page, Park Life, Leslie Roberts and Ed Barosky, Michael and Martha Rosenthal, Jennifer Roy, Byron and Elizabeth Ryono, Shoshana Berger and Anthony Saxe, Laura and Joe Sweeney, Christine Van Aken, Josh H. Oliver and Azar Zavvar
DARK OF NIGHT: Natasha Boas, Carla Crane, Scott Fisher, Margaret Rosengren Graham, Surma Mauro, Bridget Baskett-Stone, Allen Ryman, Steve Stone, Sharon Tanenbaum, Valerie Wade, Patrice Wilbur, Barbara Zamost

Auction Sponsors

FINE FOOD + BEVERAGES: Acme Bread Company, Arizmendi 9th Avenue, Atlas Café, Bar Agricole, Bar Jules, Bi-Rite Market, BridgePort Brewing Company, Café Zoetrope, Central Kitchen, COCO500, Craftsman and Wolves, Dandelion Chocolate, Delfina Restaurant Group, El Metate, Flour + Water, Fritas Shack, Hey, Cookie!, Jardinière, Jillian’s at Metreon, LeBeau Nob Hill Market , Local Mission Market, Magnolia Brewing Company, Marla Bakery, Mijita Cocina Mexicana, Mission Minis, Pig & Pie, Purity Organic , Rainbow Grocery Cooperative, Ritual Coffee Roasters, Salumeria, Serpentine Restaurant, Shiner Beers, The Cake Gallery, Trader Joe’s, Trick Dog, Trumer Brauerei, Wise Sons Jewish Delicatessen
GALLERY SPONSORS: Altman Siegel Gallery, Gallery Paule Anglim, Rena Bransten Gallery, Catherine Clark Gallery, Jack Fischer Gallery, Paulson Bott Press, Stephen Wirtz Gallery, Steven Wolf Fine Arts
FRAMING + MOUNTING SERVICES: City Picture Frame, The Painters Place, Pkirkeby, Inc., Sterling Art Services, General Graphics, Stick Pony