Parallel Series, Nate Boyce + Channeling Tower, Suzy Poling

Channeling Tower by Suzy Poling image by Courtney Costello

Parallel Series, Nate Boyce + Channeling Tower, Suzy Poling

TICKETS: $8 - $15 sliding scale / Free for SoEx members
No advance tickets. Tickets go on sale at SoEx at 7:30 pm on the night of the performance. Doors open at 8:00 pm. All performances take place on Friday nights at 8:30 pm at Southern Exposure unless otherwise stated.

This evening features two Bay Area visual artists working with sound and video to explore different approaches to abstraction.

Furthering his investigation into the dynamic interplay between intuitive and systematic approaches to the composition of sonic and visual abstractions, Nate Boyce presents PARALLEL SERIES, a performance focusing on improvisation within a highly composed system of constraints. Rhythmically stripping away and reconstructing illusionistic layers of rendering in 3D animation fused with analog image processing, Parallel Series amplifies tension between reflexive awareness and illusionistic immersion through the revelation of its own production processes.

Suzy Poling (Pod Blotz) is an experimental visual and sound artist. Using photography, collage, sound, sculpture, installation, light and movement, Poling creates environments and experiences that transform and transfix both the artist and the viewer. At Southern Exposure, Poling presents CHANNELING TOWER, a new site-specific, multimedia performance exploring a personalized and human relationship to the cosmos, light phenomenon and sonic frequency. With video installation, exploding sound and optic transmissions, Poling guides the audience through a multi-sensory experience in which to transcend beyond your physical and perhaps even psychic environments.