A Garden Picnic: How Seeds Travel

A Garden Picnic: How Seeds Travel

Calling all gardeners, citizen scientists and picnickers! Enjoy city-grown food and participate in a group planting party. Picnickers will get two mystery seed packets — one to plant right away and one to experiment with later. Information designers and picnic organizers, Zoey Kroll and Erin Wilson, will gather the results of these neighborhood garden experiments to create a cataloging system for the Pocket Seed Library.

Seeds and salad provided. Bring a dish to share and RSVP so we know how much lettuce to grow!



The Pocket Seed Library's first event, A Garden Picnic: How Seed Travel on October 18, 2008 at SoEx was a huge success! There were 22 unique dishes brought by guests to the potluck picnic and 83 people signed up to be members of the library. Artists and creators Zoey Kroll and Erin Wilson are planning more events and encourage you to stay in touch through the blog www.pocketseedlibrary.blogspot.com. If you missed the event but are interested in becoming a member of the Pocket Seed Library or want to contribute to the seed library, stop by SoEx for your library card and first seed packet.

The Pocket Seed Library is part of the ongoing project series FREE RANGE.