Creative Capital Professional Development Workshop

Creative Capital Professional Development Workshop

Strategic Planning and Funding Your Work

Selected participants notified: By January 9, 2015
Workshop date: Sunday, February 1, 2015, 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Southern Exposure is pleased to work with the Creative Capital Professional Development Program to co-host this one-day workshop on Strategic Planning and Funding Your Work. Colleen Keegan and Aaron Landsman lead the free day-long workshop. The event includes a light breakfast and lunch at Southern Exposure. There is a limited capacity of 25 participants, to be selected through an online application process. 

Based on content from Creative Capital's esteemed Core Weekend, this workshop combines nuts-and-bolts strategies with an empowering approach for integrating strategic planning and fundraising into your creative practice. You will first learn key business and management skills and hear first-hand from artists how these tools can be used to break the crisis management cycle and achieve success—as you define it. Then we will evaluate a wide variety of fundraising opportunities and will teach how to tap these valuable resources. Topics include business management, goal setting, time management, building a base of individual donors, working with a fiscal sponsor, forming an advisory board and determining and communicating the real cost of your work.

Key Skills Participants Learn:

  • A personalized system for using strategic planning to increase your satisfaction in your life and career
  • Strategies for balancing time and money
  • How to create and use a business plan and why it is crucial to both personal and professional development
  • How to prepare for, organize, and pursue different types of fundraising campaigns
  • Strategies to form long-term donor relationships that support your artistic vision and direction
  • How to maximize personal resources and networks to create fundraising opportunities
  • Best practices and strategies for using new technologies to fundraise
  • How to determine the real cost of your work
  • How to communicate with clarity and confidence, in writing and in person

Participants Leave the Workshop With:

  • A personalized plan of action based on your own goals for your art career
  • The PDP Strategic Planning Workbook, which includes exercises and evaluation processes to work toward your own personal goal setting and financial management
  • A roadmap for funding your work and revenue-generation, including improving your fundraising materials; working with partners and building a base of individual contributors
  • New perspectives on how to approach presenting your work for fundraising purposes
  • A cohort of peer artists in the community who can act as resources going forward
  • Workshop handouts that include self-assessment exercises, focusing strategies and fundraising tools specific to artistic concentrations

This workshop is provided free of charge with funding from Tequila Herradura, in connection with the 2014 Herradura Barrel Art Program.