Contemporary Classrooms Visit Request

Contemporary Classrooms is a FREE program offered by Southern Exposure, a nonprofit contemporary art gallery located in the Mission district. We developed this program to share our gallery’s exhibitions and projects with San Francisco classrooms.

Contemporary Classrooms:

  1. Is a 2- or 3-part workshop series (depending on your needs) in which our teaching artist will first visit to introduce the project and provide contextual background, then follow up in the second and third visit with a “making activity."
  2. Is flexible to accommodate your classroom, students and current curriculum.
  3. Provides a supplemental lesson plan to delve further into the project if you are interested.
  4. Aligns with California State Visual Arts Standards.

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(You may check more than one box)
(ie, movable tables, open space in center of classroom, students sit in groups or individual desks, etc.)
If yes, are there peer translators ELL students can turn to?
If yes, what should the Teaching Artists keep in mind for workshops?

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