Grito de la Mission: Mundo Extrano / Strange World

Artists in Education Exhibition

Grito de la Mission: Mundo Extrano / Strange World

August 5 - 12, 2004

Opening Reception: Thursday, August 5, 8:00 - 9:00pm  

Lead Teaching Artists: Bayete Ross-Smith, Sirron Norris, Ana Szyld
Collaborators: Horizons Unlimited, La Casa de Los Jovenes, Youth in Action, Galeria de la Raza, The DJ Project, and Youth Speaks.

This summer the Southern Exposure gallery has been transformed into a multifaceted map of our Mundo Extraño / Strange World as envisioned by the Mission Voices youth and lead artists. Mundo Extraño is a mixed media installation based on ideas of status and wealth, the ways we traverse and interpret our urban landscape, and the objects we encounter every day. Participants utilize a variety of media, including collage, video, sculpture, sewing, and drafting. The final installation will consist of many interconnected representations of the microcosms and macrocosms of Mundo Extraño, from Me/Yo to My World/Mi Mundo, to The World/El Mundo.

The Grito featured explorations of the theme Mundo Extraño in the form of music, dance, and spoken word performances by participants in workshops with The DJ Project and Youth Speaks. In addition, there are zines, posters and postcards designed by participants in the Galeria de la Raza Graphic Design Internship and CD’s produced by The DJ Project with cover art by the Graphic Design Interns. Immediately following the Grito there was a dance party to celebrate the opening of the exhibition, Mundo Extraño. All events are open to the public and admission is free.