Twelve (Brief) Moments

From the introduction by Valerie Imus:

Year of Swaine

It was simply greed. One or two or three brief moments with Michael Swaine were not enough. First we were planning our February 2013 programs and a Michael Swaine project seemed a necessary element. Then there was another event later in the month and we knew it would be perfect only if Michael Swaine joined. Suddenly we realized Michael Swaine was at Southern Exposure with unmistakable regularity. "Maybe Michael should do something every month," we said. "It could be the year of Swaine."

Sometimes thoughts take a long time to unfurl. A dash of Swaine every once in a while over time kept us nourished and steady. We sat, stood, held scissors, rope and extension cords, closed our eyes, laid on the sidewalk, held hands, held our breath, buttoned ourselves together. With all this, who wouldn't be greedy for more?

(Wait for someone to raise their hand.)

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Monday, April 14, 2014

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Michael Swaine

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Heather Watson

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