A People's Archive of Sinking and Melting

Organized by Amy Balkin

A People's Archive of Sinking and Melting

Southern Exposure is proud to house A People's Archive of Sinking and Melting, a growing collection of contributed items from places that may disappear due to the effects of climate change. Objects represent locations that are or might be impacted by the physical, political and economic impacts of changes such as sea level rise, coastal erosion and desertification.

Together the contributions are a collection of community-gathered evidence, a form of public record. As of early 2014, the archive contains contributions from locations including Anvers Island (Antarctica), Cape Verde, Venice (Italy), Kivalina (Alaska), Nepal, New Orleans, New York City, Panama and Tuvalu.

If your home is threatened to disappear – along the San Francisco Bay Delta, in California, or elsewhere – please contribute an item to the archive. Contributions can also be mailed to or dropped off in person at Southern Exposure through July 3, 2014. Find out more and complete the contribution form at sinkingandmelting.org.

Contact [email protected] to arrange a viewing and [email protected] to learn more about contributing to the archive.