Juried Exhibition


December 2, 2004

Southern Exposure’s 5th Annual Juried Film/Video Screening

1. I Cried for You by Roger Ngim - 2:45
2. Book 18 by Michael Trigilio - 3:57
3. Groundbreaking Work by Michael Zheng - 6:40
4. Ebay Monument by Nomi Talisman - 1:20
5. Leland Stanford Jr.'s Death Mask by Bijan Yashar - 2:16
6. An Empty Square Amidst a Village by Aleksandr Vladimirskiy - 4:30
7. The Cummings Road Landfill Project by Cynthia Hooper – 13:00
8. Suspension: end to end steel and concrete by Amy Hicks - 3:53
9. Pedras 01 or 02 by Marlene Angeja - 3:41 or 2:41
10. Buffalo Lifts by Christina Battle - 3:00
11. Episode I & II by Johnny Rogers 12:30
12. Snowglobes by Trish Stone – 2:00    
13. Thank-you America by Edie Tsong - 5:30

An evening of short films and videos by thirteen local artists. Like Southern Exposure’s Annual Juried Exhibition, this screening offers film and video artists an opportunity to submit work and have it viewed and selected by a well-known artist/curator without paying an entry fee. Monumental was curated by Anne Walsh, a Bay Area video artist.

Anne Walsh is a Bay Area video artist and curator. Her solo and collaborative work has been shown at the Institute for Surrealism Studies (Essex, England), the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art, The Pacific Film Archive, and the Whitney Museum of American Art, among others. She has curated several exhibitions and is also an editor of X-Tra, the art and culture journal published in Los Angeles. Walsh is Assistant Professor of Video art in the Department of Art Practice at U.C. Berkeley.