Seeking Youth Artists for Mission Voices Summer 2019

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Seeking Youth Artists for Mission Voices Summer 2019


Are you 14 to 21 and interested in a summer visual arts program? Join Southern Exposure's Mission Voices Summer!

Southern Exposure’s Mission Voices Summer (MVS) is a FREE 4-week intensive summer arts program for youth aged 14-21. In MVS, you’ll spend the summer working with 20-30 other Bay Area youth and 6 professional artists to develop an art exhibition in SoEx’s large Mission district gallery. Learn all kinds of skills from drawing and printing to sculpture and video, as you plan your youth-created exhibition. SoEx is looking for excited, committed, and creative youth to join this summer’s program. Apply today to be a part of Mission Voices Summer! 

Mission Voices Summer and all AIE programs are always FREE! 

MVS meets from July 8–August 1, 2019
Monday through Thursday from 2:00-5:00PM
3030 20th Street (at Alabama Street)
The MVS exhibition opens August 1 
and runs through August 17, 2019. 

To apply, fill out an application and return to SoEx by Friday, June 21st!

Southern Exposure (SoEx) is a nonprofit visual arts organization that supports emerging artists and youth in a dynamic environment in which they can develop and present new work and ideas. SoEx’s nationally recognized Artists in Education (AIE) program brings together diverse youth, artists, schools and community organizations in a dynamic series of innovative programs. AIE offers youth opportunities to learn critical, artistic, vocational, and cultural experiences beyond the traditional school environment.