Mandible Marks + Through Sparkling Fields, Bitter and Bright

Through Sparkling Fields, Bitter and Bright - Andrew Benson image by Courtney Costello

Mandible Marks + Through Sparkling Fields, Bitter and Bright

TICKETS: $8 - $15 sliding scale / Free for SoEx members
No advance tickets. Tickets go on sale at SoEx at 7:30 pm on the night of the performance. Doors open at 8:00 pm. All performances take place on Friday nights at 8:30 pm at Southern Exposure unless otherwise stated.

These performances bring together artists who employ their bodies as resource material for their work.

Festa L’Animale is Portland-based artist Jane Paik, a musician and dancer whose main venue has been punk clubs across the country, with musician Geoff Soule. Paik has fronted several bands and dabbles with instruments mostly in the confines of her bedroom. At Southern Exposure, Paik presents MANDIBLE MARKS, an exploration in the interweaving of music and dance, not as separate entities, but together and through the same performer, herself. Paik and Soule layer vocals, guitar, drum kit and dance to engage the audience to consider a dancer beyond movement and a musician beyond sound.

Electronic-media artist Andrew Benson combines forces with sound and light artist Joshua Churchill to create THROUGH SPARKLING FIELDS, BITTER AND BRIGHT, an immersive, site-specific audiovisual performance. The dark, rumbling analog drones and noise of Churchill's guitar-driven sound creates a deep counterpoint to Benson's bright and exquisitely complex digital video performance in which Benson turns the camera on himself to create visual feedback and movement for his work. The two artists present a swirling mass of sound and light that will surround and engulf the space, blurring the lines between sound, vision, and vibration.