We Took Over the City

Mission Voices Summer 2014 Final Project

We Took Over the City

Opening Reception / El Grito de la Misión: Wednesday, August 6, 2014, 5:00 – 7:00 PM
Opening Night Schedule
5:00 PM – Doors open
6:00 PM – Artist talk
6:15 PM – Performance
6:20 PM – Video screening

Final Project On View: August 6 – 16, 2014
Gallery Hours: Tuesday – Saturday, 12:00 – 6:00 PM

Youth Artists: Lauro, Gabriel, Ericka, Lori, Clark, Qi, Kiana, Jennifer, Eli, Henry, Sonja, Kayleena, Kat, Isaias, Carlos, Joel, Neilani, Reece, Kailin, Marisa, Yenni, Angel, Rosa, Ivy, Cash, Serena, Hector, Shannon, Jasmine, Angel, Kelly, Michelle, Vicky, Marcus, Jesus, John, Karen, Jane, Collin, Trayvon, Kaitlyn, Shannon, Christopher, Doris, Amy
Lead Teaching Artists: Dana Dart-McLean, Chris Fiorentini, Adrienne Skye Roberts
Teaching Artist Assistants: Victoria Ayala, Ethan Rafal, Amanda Simons
Teaching Artist Interns: Maeve FitzHoward, Lizzy Myers
Youth Leaders: Ericka Bato, Lori Bato, Marcus Robinson
Social Media Guru: Grace Leary
MVS Intern: Chanel Teffeteller
AIE Intern: Summer Hirtzel
AIE Program Director: Dave Sandoval

Join us for the culmination of the 2014 Mission Voices Summer program! Three projects led by the three lead teach artists present the work of 45 youth artists.

What if, at some point in the past, adults were no longer in charge? We Took Over the City explores a revisionist history of San Francisco, imagining a moment at which youth assumed control over the city. Through mixed media, drawing, painting and video production, the Mission Voices Summer artists use this alternative timeline to address concepts such as non-sequential narration, storytelling as a form of propaganda, power in social dynamics, as well as exploring their relationships, both physical and ephemeral, to the city.

Fluorescent Exposure
"Ultra Violet Drum" by The MJ Double KT Band
Lead Teaching Artist: Dana Dart-McLean
Teaching Artist Assistant: Victoria Ayala
The story of taking over the city is told through an installation of drawings and paintings. Artists locate themselves in the conflict by answering the question, "How did you become a legend in the struggle?" with symbolic self portraits and masks. Collaborating to build composite figures battling in the city, the artists of Fluorescent Exposure explore how presentation affects understanding of a narrative. During the opening reception, the artists regroup as The MJ Double KT Band to perform their original composition "Ultra Violet Drum."

Extra! Extra! Read All About It!
Lead Teaching Artist:
Adrienne Skye Roberts
Teaching Artist Assistant: Amanda Simons
Intern: Maeve FitzHoward
Artists take control of the news and re-envision stories from their own experiences and perspectives. Together, they creating visual material in the form of posters, the front page of a newspaper and leaflets that describe events based on the changes they want to see in the city.

Stories from the Frontline
Lead Teaching Artist:
Chris Fiorentini
Teaching Artist Assistant: Ethan Rafal
Intern: Lizzy Myers
Teams of artists write and direct short films about the beginning, middle and end of their citywide takeover. Their films mix genres and art forms: using interviews, reenactments, found footage and both narrative and non-narrative film techniques, the artists share their own stories from the frontline of their brief but beautiful revolt.

Southern Exposure's Mission Voices Summer (MVS) is an arts program that gives youth the opportunity to exercise leadership skills in their community by exploring relevant social and personal issues through visual arts workshops. The intensive summer program focuses on arts-based community development by pairing local artists with teens. Youth learn to use the visual arts as a tool to express their creative voices and to make a visual statement about their ideas, interests and ambitions through a series of workshops that result in a project presented to the public.