1000 Cranes, Making A Wish For The Environment

Artists in education project

1000 Cranes, Making A Wish For The Environment

April 16, 1994

Performance: 12 noon – 2:00 pm, April 16, 1994.

Free and Open to Public

1000 Cranes, Making A Wish For The Environment is a community event to promote recycling. Under the joint sponsorship of Southern Exposure’s Artists in Education Program and Youth In Action…artist Rene Yung has been working with twelve students of Youth In Action. Over an eight week period, students from the Mission, Portrero Hill and Bay View/ Hunters Point have addressed environmental issues through art, discussion and site-specifc projects. On April 16 at the site in Dolores Park the students will create a large scale diagram of the recycling emblem using paper cranes folded from recycled paper. The project’s goal is to 1000 cranes in a symbolic enactment of the traditional Japanese ritual belief that the act of folding 1000 cranes expresses a sincerity of belief which causes one’s wish to come true. Members of the community are invited to participate in the act of folding paper cranes, and well as to bring their recyclables and join in making a wish for a cleaner, more sustainable environment.