How will the grantees be determined? 
Applicants will be reviewed for eligibility only. Grantees will be chosen at random from all applicants eligible to receive funding, with prioritization given to Black, Indigenous, POC, elder, LGBTQ+, differently abled, immune-compromised, and immigrant artists. 

Am I eligible to apply if I have received an Alternative Exposure grant in the past? 
Yes, unless you were the lead artist on a project that received funding in 2019’s Alternative Exposure Round 13. All other years are eligible. 

If I receive funding, will I be taxed on this grant?
Southern Exposure is unable to provide tax advice. We require a SSN from the lead applicant and you will need to be able to receive a check in your name. 

How quickly will the funds be sent out?
Grants will be distributed in June.

What can I use the funds for?
You may use the grant to pay for art production; supplies; rent/mortgage; utilities; groceries; child care; medical bills/insurance; or other daily needs.

More questions?
Contact us at [email protected] or 415-863-2141 x103.